Datama will be a suite of aggregation utilities, sequencers and render systems that enable media content to be treated as objects, thus enabling further real-time content creation. The objective is to achieve:-

“The Cinematic Realisation of Data.”

The aggregator will feed from networked objects (RSS feeds for example), whilst the sequencer will construct content flow based upon user preferences. The render system will manage the various media formats to enable a single screen, interactive playback.

Datama will therefore enable true non-linear just-in-time content creation, enabling content producers to think about how to make content for a platform-agnostic audience.

Datama will not be a singular application, rather a system that can be adopted by anyone to create their own system of content aggregation and manipulation.

As this project is in the planning phase, we will be looking to work with a variety of languages and development tools to rapidly build prototypes. These will be based upon schematics and visualizations also available under an open license.

More notes for media producers
More notes for software developers

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